Juno Rug in Navy – 180 x 120cm


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The Juno Rug in Navy is 100% made from recycled plastic bottles – but you would never guess as it looks and feels just like wool. It is also hand woven by craftsmen and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

• Waterproof

• Machine Washable

• Indoor and Outdoor Use

• Mould resistant, very easy to clean and hard wearing – so perfect for pet owners, allergy sufferers

• 180 x 120cm

• 100% Recycled, Environmentally Friendly & Ethically Produced

Please note that the Juno Rug is hand loomed – so there may be very slight variations in colour & size.

To clean: hoover or shake off loose debris, hand wash with a light detergent. Allow to air dry naturally. Do not tumble dry!