Beyond the Pines Candle – Mini


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Handcrafted in London, every element of the Sunday of London candles are locally sourced, from the waxes and wicks, to the apothecary style jars.

We love the botanical scents, which have been carefully selected for their stimulating properties, which each essential oil being renowned for their restorative and cleansing effects.

Beyond the Pines invokes the power of the forest, with strong woody notes. Pine needle, cedar wood and eucalyptus will have you in the heart of an energising forest, whilst lime, tea tree and peppermint cleanse and purify.

• Coconut Wax

• 100% pure cotton wick

• aromatherapy grade pure essential oils

• Notes of Pine Needle, Cedar Wood, Eucalyptus, Lime, Tea Tree & Peppermint

• Handcrafted in Dalston

• 180ml

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