The RGCP Assessor Panel were of the view that this is an excellent educational course highly relevant to CPD. The application and course content documents demonstrate a well referenced evidence base and excellent supporting materials.

RCGP assessor panel 2014.

I wanted to pass on some of the comments re. PITstop that many of the candidates have said: “PITstop is a great course. The process is so clear, and easy to follow. I really enjoyed the two days, and am looking forward to day 3.”

Gemma Small, mentor

When the PITstop course came up, I thought it would be a great chance to update my skills. The course was so much more than that! All my feedback is very positive. I really appreciated the chance to stop and reflect upon my own practice and to make improvements. The course materials are excellent and very thorough. The course content was a great mix of learning styles- group work, hands on sessions, quizzes, as well as traditional "chalk and talk". It was fascinating listening to where colleagues were in the journey of insulin/GLP-1 starts and I found the chance to share best practice very helpful

Susan Judge, Diabetes Specalist Nurse, Priory Avenue Surgery, Reading

I work as a GP in Wolverhampton and have a particular interest in diabetes. During this time, I have attended many courses and updates tailored to those who look after a diabetes register. I have found PITstop Diabetes to be one of the most informative courses to date. Its ability to effectively digest and relay some of the important landmark studies, in combination with a very hands-on practical teaching style (in particular to injectable therapies), sets it quite apart from other educational events. This, coupled with Anne Goodchild’s infectious enthusiasm for delivering better diabetes care in the community, make PITstop a ‘must’ course to attend for all primary care practitioners who work in this field.

Dr Amro Maarouf, GP​

Healthcare professional education in primary care represents an essential component of an effective service for people with diabetes. Outcomes can be significantly improved with a high quality training programme. PITstop has been developed to the highest professional standards with the needs of the end user very much at its core. The content has received academic accreditation and widespread endorsement while the materials are very well laid out. It has been used to great effect in a number of localities where I have chaired the stakeholder network. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to commissioners and providers

John Grumitt, vice president of Diabetes UK and IDF and member of the NHS commissioing board.​

​I have attended many of Anne’s courses as a GP in Bexley and at one time, Diabetes Lead. I have found her foundation course, PITstop and CPD training courses extremely informative and up-to-date and have always come away with new and important information. Indeed, Anne usually has information on these courses prior to it becoming generally available and I would highly recommend attendance to anyone wishing to keep at the cutting edge of diabetes care. Sessions are lively and interactive and never boring

Dr Bill Cotter, GP, Bellgrove Surgery, Welling, Kent.

​I really enjoyed the course. The nurses and GP's who attended PITstop have found the style of the training and the content invaluable, myself included. I know the nurses find the resources and the manual excellent to use in practice and the care planning element running through is great for reinforcing the model we are promoting locally

Claire Scott, PITstop student and mentor, Care Planning Project Lead, Berkshire West

As someone who has been involved in Diabetes Care for years, having been a Practice Nurses and briefly a DSN it has always been an area of interest. As a Primary Care Workforce Tutor now I maintain a clinical session within Diabetes so as not to lose the skill. I was particularly interested in completing the PITstop course as a Refresh/Update and also to ensure my patients benefitted from Right Skills, Right Place, Right Time. I have to say i thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it stimulating and rewarding and feel that every Nurse/GP in Primary Care should complete (although I recognise not practical or appropriate in some areas). So wanted to say 'great'

Sharon Lee, Queens Nurse, Primary Care Workforce Facilitator, South Kent Coast CCG

Pitstop training was well organised with excellent teaching and provided useful resources to use in the workplace. The course has been a motivator to improve our service with up to date evidence based principles of diabetes care for women preconception and during pregnancy. It has provided a clear structure for the education of women relating to medicines management. The course provided exactly what was required for our personal professional development needs but also will benefit the MDT.

Susan Quinn, Specialist Diabetes Midwife, St Marys Hospital, Manchester

Over the past six years the bulk of my diabetes training has been courtesy of Anne, starting with the Bexley Foundation course then continued training and support on insulin management with PITstop. As a result, not only am I the Diabetes Lead within my own practice but have also become the Clinical Lead for Diabetes for Bexley CCG, involved in commissioning services. The annual updates she provides Bexley are extremely comprehensive and speaking as a trainer myself she is clearly an excellent educator

Dr Jhumur Moir, GP and clinical lead for diabetes for Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group

As a Practice Nurse of 13 years experience I found the PITstop course to be; research based, up to date, extremely applicable to practice and enjoyable. The use of case studies throughout the programme helped to consolidate learning and the accompanying resources for both reference and patient use, are easy to use and of excellent quality. I believe that the logical, stepped approach to insulin initiation that PITstop teaches, helps to improve patient care, increases practitioner confidence and enables better management of time and resources within Diabetic clinics. I can safely say the PITstop course has been the best diabetes course that I have ever attended – in fact I was so impressed, that following the course I became a Diabetes Specialist Nurse!

Lousie Peckham. D.S.N. Kent. Louise introduced herself to the team at the 2016 PCDS conference. On numerous occasions she brought people over to our stand to find out more about our training model. Thanks Louise